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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.


Stories beginning with the letter M

Normal bob small portrait

MAD SCIENTIST Draft 3 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // Dr. E. Go has the most important announcement never made!

Normal bob small portrait

MADAM CASTANEDA Draft 4 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // Sham shamans have no shame.

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MARS AND VENUS. Draft 3 by Stephen Hayes written for The Impact:50 // Peter, drinking, smoking and carbs not the end of the world.

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MAYBE TOMORROW Draft 3 by Peter Field written for The Impact:50 // Two consummate actors face their final curtain.

Normal me tent

MEAT Draft 1 by Neil Bebber written for Twisted50 // A lonely butcher finds his perfect partner but his love quickly becomes obsessive and begins to manifest itself in strange and dangerous ways.

Normal stargate light 4small

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Draft 4 by Bradford Richardson written for The Impact:50 // Stranded in Paris, 3 NASA interns, hack into the European Space Agency’s deep-space communications dish at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and re-program a Jupiter probe to carry their farewell message to Earth's nearest sister planet, Gliese 832c.

Normal pc300003 new

MIRACLE Draft 4 by Alistair Fryer written for The Impact:50 // In the face of ultimate disaster a pregnant young woman discovers a miracle.

Normal phil charles check shirt   close up

MORE Draft 3 by Phil Charles written for The Impact:50 // A mother ensures her toddler’s last minutes on earth are spent in absolute heaven.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Maddie Draft 1 by Sharon Dabrowa written for The Impact:50 // A dad rushes to the side of his young daughter only to be confronted by an ex-wife who won't let her go

Normal benjamin mhpic

Magic Box Draft 2 by Benjamin Moreno Hornkohl written for The Impact:50 // As the earth has officially only two hours left, a homeless woman stays unusually calm while preparing herself to much more than just facing the inevitable moment.

Normal lizphotosh

Magic Carpet Draft 3 by Liz Correal written for The Impact:50 // Time flies....

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Magic Window Draft 3 by Emmanuel Casey written for The Impact:50 // One last chance to escape, through the magic window...but it will not open.

Normal cimg3822

Major Cinephile Draft 3 by Michael Staniforth written for The Impact:50 // With one last chance, do you do what you love or what you need?

Normal headshot

Man Overboard! Draft 2 by KT Parker written for The Impact:50 // Evans is the last woman left alive, but unfortunately for mankind, she's not feeling broody.

Normal eggies

Man Plans Draft 3 by Heather Wallace-Brown written for The Impact:50 // A man's plans on how to end his final day on earth is soon a scruffy dog and a beautiful woman

Normal img 0172

Man The Lifeboats Draft 2 by Sally Brockway written for The Impact:50 // A 10-year-old boy chooses to spend his last hour on earth playing with a toy lifeboat.

Normal 561102 115954321883456 302840882 n 1

Man Will Beat Nature Draft 1 by Gordon Slack written for The Impact:50 // We are all going to die. But which cause will come first?

Normal wp 20150625 20 26 03 pro

Man's Best Friend Draft 2 by Roanne Bardsley written for The Impact:50 // Reuben shares a final meal with his best friend

Normal imag0207

Mango - (Draft Two) Draft 3 by Anne Frazer written for The Impact:50 // With Eve it was an apple ...

Normal image

Mans best friend Draft 1 by Andre Lecointe-Gayle written for The Impact:50 // Loyalty goes two ways

Normal drj 2014

Mara and Me Draft 3 by John Brooke written for Twisted50 // A traditional nightmare in a modern world

Normal 2015 10 29 12.49.56

Marianna Draft 2 by Melissa Crow written for Twisted50 // She was a strange girl, James just couldn't resist following her.

Normal sarka k.

Marold Draft 3 by Sarka Kocourova written for The Impact:50 // End is comming! That's bad enough. Could it get even worse for a little girl snatched by a murderer?

Normal impact

Marry in haste, repent at... Draft 4 by Craig Miles written for The Impact:50 // What if at the end of the world all you wanted to do was get married. (even lower budget version)

Normal rg1

Mars Disarmed by Venus Draft 4 by Randa Gedeon written for The Impact:50 // Beatrice -as Venus-struggles to come to terms with the end of days, by encouraging a mutual attraction with a mysterious man-Mars- she meets at a club, amidst the huddled masses coping with their upcoming demise, due to a meteor headed towards earth.

Normal sergei eisenstein editing film october

Mary Quite Contrary Draft 1 by K. Lou Linderholm written for Twisted50 // A dark little rhyme.

Normal untitled

Master Manipulator Draft 1 by Stephanie Mills written for Twisted50 // At what moment would you realise your life is in danger?

Normal image

Masterpiece Draft 2 by Kim Rickcord written for Twisted50 // How far must you go to create a masterpiece?

Normal 20100618  dsc0016

Matches Draft 1 by David Wigram written for The Impact:50 // Jeremy is halfway through something when he hears the news

Normal 963988 10152820036705136 869528051 o

Matthew Eleven Twenty Eight Draft 4 by Patty Papageorgiou written for The Impact:50 // A place for those with nowhere to go.

Normal img00015 20130708 1121

Mayflies Draft 2 by Pelumi Akinyemi written for The Impact:50 // Left in charge of a foster home full of children, Sarah must come to terms with the world ending with the help of her next-door neighbour.

Normal img00015 20130708 1121

Mayfllies Draft 1 by Pelumi Akinyemi written for The Impact:50 // Left in charge of a foster home full of children, Sarah comes to terms with the world ending with the help of her next-door neighbour.

Normal image

Mayfly Draft 3 by Ryan Harris written for The Impact:50 // The Mayfly comes the Mayfly goes . The day is long, the night it flows.

Normal 464899 3172391264493 1626725520 o

Me Myself & I Draft 2 by Julie Hoult written for The Impact:50 // At Last the Beginning has Begun for Me Myself & I

Normal extra3

Me Time Draft 1 by Jan Militello written for The Impact:50 // Jack hesitates to interrupt Mindy's "Me Time" with news of impending doom.

Normal image

Me2 Draft 2 by Joan Keiter written for Twisted50 // A wild drug-addicted con artist clones herself so she can have a partner in her identity theft business.

Normal me lanzarote

Mea Culpa Draft 2 by John McGill written for Twisted50 // Life is about choices and living with their impact.

Normal bunny ears 2

Meanwhile, Back At The House... Draft 3 by Terry Clark written for The Impact:50 // 'And this year's winner of Big Brother is...'

Normal horror comp

Meat–Based Product Draft 3 by Chris Jeal written for Twisted50 // John always hated the farm...

Normal img 3189

Meet Ann Draft 2 by Tyler Pierreson written for The Impact:50 // He was born as Andy, he wants to die as Ann

Normal me2

Meet Cute Draft 1 by Cormac Donnelly written for The Impact:50 // Meeting that someone special. In the toilet. At the end of the world.

Normal portret susan vermeer

Meet Dick Draft 2 by Susan Vermeer written for Twisted50 // Revenge doesn't taste that good... to the victim

Normal me55

Meeting The Dinosaurs Draft 3 by Mary Albanese written for The Impact:50 // Two mothers trying to shield their children from the truth find comfort in their childrens' wisdom

Normal dsc 0107 3 2

Megan Draft 2 by Marc Lockier written for The Impact:50 // Can the manifestation of Megan save her parent's marriage before its too late?

Normal ms00

Melvin´s Theory Draft 2 by Rona Walter written for The Impact:50 // What Mad Melvin thinks the impact really is.

Normal sergei eisenstein editing film october

Mercenary Rhymes Draft 1 by K. Lou Linderholm written for Twisted50 // Jack, Mary, Kill-Trons and a nefarious use of DNA

Normal download2

Mercy Draft 2 by Korok Chatterjee written for The Impact:50 // Two strangers push the limits on the question; At what point do you give in?

Normal profile selfie

Merry Christmas Draft 3 by Dorothee Kuepers written for The Impact:50 // An old homeless man, oblivious to what is happening, stumbles upon an act of kindness, unaware of its full significance.

Normal img 0810

Merry-go-round Draft 4 by Ying Chu Lin written for The Impact:50 // In memory of a lost child.

Normal 183bcopyreduced

Messiah Draft 4 by Heather Hampson written for The Impact:50 // Now is not the time for disbelieving

Normal img 1876

Messiah Complex (final draft) Draft 2 by Monisha Khandker written for The Impact:50 // The kid who thinks he can save the world (and escape math tests)

Normal image

Metal Detector - Draft 2 - Written by Giles Alderson Draft 2 by Giles Alderson written for The Impact:50 // Michael creates one last treasure hunt in the forest for his six year boy

Normal img 8274

Meteorix Draft 4 by Alison Hogge written for The Impact:50 // Refusing to watch his own death on TV with his family, Peter encourages them to spend their last moments playing scalextric.

Normal screen shot 2015 11 17 at 22.43.47

Mexican Night (Draft 3) Draft 3 by James Weller written for The Impact:50 // A retired couple see out the remaining hours of their life like any other friday night..

Normal lee retouch 3

Mi Amor Draft 1 by stuart bunce written for The Impact:50 // The end of the world.. but the beginning of life?

Normal profile pic

Microbea Draft 1 by Su Hoyle written for The Impact:50 // The weird shall inherit the earth

Normal porch1

Mid-Life Crisis Draft 4 by Wendy Steffenhagen written for Twisted50 // How would you know if you were losing your mind?

Normal img 0923anna

Midas Draft 3 by Anna Soder written for The Impact:50 // The end of the world changes the economy

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Miles Away Draft 1 by andrew wye written for The Impact:50 // Deep underwater a high-tech government submarine seeks safety as the on-board civilian specialists plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Normal img 1034

Milk. Draft 3 by Sarah Balfour written for The Impact:50 // There are certain things even the strongest men cannot control...aren't there?

Normal 2009 11 20 14.53.42

Mirror Image Draft 1 by Alistair Canlin written for Twisted50 // Does A Mirror Hold Ones True Self?

Normal headshot1

Miss Lulu Lets Go of Her Reserve, Draft 2 Draft 2 by Je'anna Clements written for The Impact:50 // Gourmet magic is born of the strangest combinations

Normal 11262389 10206472455671181 2477193529285723803 n

Mission Accomplished Draft 4 by Tracee Beebe written for The Impact:50 // A lone woman brings serenity amidst the panic.

Normal kat wood pic

Mister Evans Draft 2 by Kat Wood written for The Impact:50 // In a basement, alone, Mister Evans waits for the end to come. But should he let anyone else in?

Normal dscn3425bwmsquare

Mister Klean Draft 3 by Andrew Viner written for The Impact:50 // Will ex-junkie Davey relapse or die clean?

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Mister Mortimer's Last Dance Draft 2 by Craig Rickard written for The Impact:50 // At the end of the world widower Reggie Mortimer finds one last reason to dance.

Normal 12922 10153080835170180 4099128640776782939 n

Moggy Draft 3 by Jessica Brown written for Twisted50 // The ultimate family pet...

Normal alina

Mommy Issues - ACT 1 Part 1 Draft 2 by Alina DuClos written for The Impact:50 // When you contemplate death over being saved by your mom

Normal  dsc0117 edit

Mondy Green Draft 2 by James ML Muller written for The Impact:50 // John has decided to enjoy the view at the point of humanity's demise. A stranger appears giving John a last chance to make a new friend before the world's end. Meet Mondy Green.

Normal dsc 0243

Monster In The Wardrobe Draft 1 by Mathew Cobb written for Twisted50 // “There's a monster in my wardrobe,” he whimpered, wearing his teddy bear pyjamas and clutching his favourite toy plush dog.

Normal img 0008

Monster Under my Bed Draft 1 by Emma Lawson written for Twisted50 // There's a monster lurking under your bed.....

Normal bob dubai b w 01

Mont-Bernanchon Draft 1 by Robert Howard Edwards written for Twisted50 // Notes from a soldier

Normal me2

Morning Rounds Draft 2 by Paul Reynolds written for Twisted50 // Everybody should have a routine.

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400

Mort and Sadie: Deckchairs Draft 1 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // Before she dies, Sadie has one last thing that matters to her.

Normal portrait

Mother of the Cabinet Draft 4 by Milethia Thomas written for Twisted50 // Mother just loves her teeny, tiny souls.

Normal 00000008

Mother's Homecoming Draft 2 by Louise Johnson written for Twisted50 // A middle-aged woman, who fears that she has missed out on life, tries to confront her tyrannical mother but things don't go according to plan.

Normal film reel

Mother's Love Draft 3 by Evelyn Lewis written for The Impact:50 // An estranged, addicted teen mom returns to apologize to her family with her last hours.

Normal me2

Movie Night Draft 1 by Michael Esser written for Twisted50 // Promise me to be happy. To the end.

Normal me2

Movie Night Draft 2 by Michael Esser written for The Impact:50 // Promise me to be happy. To the end

Normal mark and asha impact

Moving Day Draft 1 by Asha and Mark Farris written for The Impact:50 // Moving into their first house, a young couple tries to create a lifetime's worth of memories in a few hours.

Normal img 0635

Moving On Draft 4 by Philip Trickett written for Twisted50 // We all have to move on at some point, don't we?

Normal 11094673 10152816357453907 9084037976862541201 n

Mr. B's Opus Draft 2 by JT Billeter written for The Impact:50 // A high school teacher tries to make his students' last moments productive while avoiding a panicked stampede.

Normal me sept 2015 b

Mrs Shrimpton’s Ever Growing Flowerbeds and her Filleting Knife Draft Two Draft 3 by steven stockford written for Twisted50 // Murder is easy, it is remembering to hide the thingumajig, you know, the what’s it. Would you like a nice biscuit with your tea?

Normal 10295379 10202413491115363 2177409688685296306 o

Mulligan Draft 1 by Alexander Lowe written for The Impact:50 // A little asteroid won't interrupt one man's weekly golf game.

Normal 2015 11 24 17.52.18

Mum, Dad and the Girls Draft 4 by Jacqueline Swift written for The Impact:50 // Jackie and Denise are visiting their mum, they never dreamt it would be for the last time.

Normal as 282754806763521 1444425407741 l

Mummy-Molly Pudding Club Draft 2 by Stephanie Hutton written for Twisted50 vol 2 // With a violent father and struggling mother, bright Molly finds a way to make family life bearable

Normal toby   head shot

Muntjac (Draft 2) Draft 1 by Toby Norways written for Twisted50 // A philanderer faces his demons in a terrifying encounter on a country road.

Normal deec1

Music To Die For Draft 4 by Dee Chilton written for The Impact:50 // Our best friends are there for us at the end... even the invisible ones.

Normal image

Music of the Heart Draft 2 by Debbie Dorio written for The Impact:50 // Love endures until the end of time.

Normal img 0732

Muslamic Draft 4 by Taiba Amla written for The Impact:50 // With no one else to help him will Naseera abandon Mark too?

Normal imag1174 1 1 2

Mustard Draft 3 by Jacqueline Cloake written for The Impact:50 // A suburban couple puts the final touches to their meticulously planned escape.

Normal 100 0584

My Boyfriend's Back Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // "...and you're gonna be in trouble."

Normal aaa

My Cake with Destiny Draft 4 by Hannah Leigh-Prior written for The Impact:50 // When the going gets tough, the tough eat cake.

Normal image

My Family Draft 2 by Judy Woodfield written for The Impact:50 // What would you do to protec your family from the Unknown?

Normal kal1 1 3 2 1

My Farting Cow Draft 3 by Kal Karim written for The Impact:50 // Farmer Jim blames his farting cow Molly for the end of the world

Normal dsc01313

My First And My Last Draft 1 by Bernie Drake written for The Impact:50 // Not an Unreasonable Dying Wish for a Teenage Boy

Normal dave headshot 2

My Friend Mary Draft 2 by Dave Stevenson written for The Impact:50 // An elderly woman and her carer put job titles aside to enjoy each others company in their final moments.

Normal evren monaco

My Happy Ending Draft 3 by Evren Sener written for The Impact:50 // Her happy ending is a lot different than the others when she is only fourteen and married to a seventy years old man.

Normal philliplawrence 07102013 wum 46

My Hero Draft 3 by Philip Lawrence written for 50 Moments // The things we do to impress.

Normal cimg3822

My Kind of Story Draft 2 by Michael Staniforth written for Twisted50 // Not your run of the mill horror story. Or is it? Or is it not? Or...

Normal candice deere

My Only Everything Draft 1 by Candice Deere written for The Impact:50 // Upon hearing the news of the impact, a father calls his only daughter.

Normal lswf2013 064

My Wife Used To Say That Draft 3 by Geoff Stillwell written for The Impact:50 // Four domestic moments as an elderly couple prepare themselves for what's coming.

Normal 984058 543247619129138 191976974920772397 n

My way Draft 2 by Jacopo Schena written for The Impact:50 // An angry cancer patient looks for his own way out.