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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.


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Killing Her Little Darling Draft 4 by Merlin Ward written for Twisted50 // Nice guys come last. He was a nice guy.

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Meat–Based Product Draft 3 by Chris Jeal written for Twisted50 // John always hated the farm...

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The Beholder Draft 4 by Stephanie Wessell written for Twisted50 // She's growing, he's watching.

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Compulsion Draft 3 by Milethia Thomas written for Twisted50 // A hospital seems the perfect place to find near fresh meat, but even this is not enough to stave off the compulsion.

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The Apple Orchard Draft 2 by Su Hoyle written for Twisted50 // When love transcends

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The Genius Draft 4 by cristina Lombardi written for Twisted50 // Art Requires Sacrifice

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O Draft 2 by Kim Rickcord written for Twisted50 // "We enter the circle after dark and are consumed by fire."

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The Farthest Cabinet (Draft 4) Draft 4 by Diane Simpson written for Twisted50 // A bereaved child battles his father's mental cruelty during a visit to a natural history museum

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BLUE EYES Draft 4 by Simon Cluett written for Twisted50 // From the Mah Jong tables of Macau to the Parisian jazz clubs everyone agreed, Maria had her father's eyes. A macabre tale of passion and betrayal.

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Seeing Red Draft 4 by Philip Trickett written for Twisted50 // Bad dreams put to rest.

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Sum of my memories Draft 4 by Elizabeth Hughes written for Twisted50 // When memories are the only thing left

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Mrs Shrimpton’s Ever Growing Flowerbeds and her Filleting Knife Draft Two Draft 3 by steven stockford written for Twisted50 // Murder is easy, it is remembering to hide the thingumajig, you know, the what’s it. Would you like a nice biscuit with your tea?

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THE ADVENTURER’S DIARY Draft 4 by Jean Maye written for Twisted50 // A woman embarks on a final adventure.

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Twitch Draft 3 by Philip Trickett written for Twisted50 // A figure lurks nervously in the shadows, waiting, waiting.

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The Haunting of West Heath Draft 4 by Merlin Ward written for Twisted50 // If you go down to the heath tonight you're sure of a nasty surprise.

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The House on Axe Edge Moor Draft 4 by Merlin Ward written for Twisted50 // An old school boarding house in a small mill town on the River Hawk had been on the market for many years when a retired widow paid the asking price, sight unseen.

Normal the veils c anderson dillon

A Ballad for Orpheus Draft 2 by Crawford Anderson-Dillon written for Twisted50 // Titus Smith starts a journey into the sex trade underground to save his own soul.

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Twenty Steps To The Ditch Draft 4 by Paul Draper written for Twisted50 // Be careful what you accidentally see.

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Felix Crudd - Private Eye Draft 2 by Jonah Jones written for Twisted50 // Take care when dealing with vampires - there may be more than you anticipate.

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No Chain Draft 3 by Paul Wharton written for Twisted50 // Flat for sale. No chain. What's the catch?