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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.


Stories beginning with the letter P

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PARADIS PERDU. Draft 3 by Stephen Hayes written for The Impact:50 // Jaque, the perfect life. No life problems, no radio, no more.

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PAYBACK Draft 2 by Terry Comer written for The Impact:50 // It's never too long to wait

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PEAK Draft 3 by Neil Bebber written for The Impact:50 // A widower returns to his wife's favourite viewpoint to share his final moments with her.

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PERFECT BODIES Draft 2 by Gillian Brightmore written for Twisted50 // What it is like to be in love with a dangerous man ...

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PLAYGOD.COM Draft 4 by Simon Cluett written for Twisted50 // A computer geek hacks into the wrong website

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PLAYING SOLDIERS Draft 3 by Jean Maye written for The Impact:50 // A little boy who loves playing toy soldiers, believes he can save the world.

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POWERBALL LOTTO WINNER Draft 1 by Philip Dorr written for The Impact:50 // There are some people in this world who are just plain unlucky at life and love.

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PREMATURE BIRTHDAY Draft 3 by Anna Kumacheva written for The Impact:50 // What a mother can do to save her children before the Earth is destroyed.

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PRIDE GOETH AND PRIDE COMETH Draft 4 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // Asshole hunting season opens on the Zimbabwe savanna

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PUBLIC SERVANT Draft 3 by Margaret Folarin written for The Impact:50 // After the moment of the asteroid's impact, a policeman faces the choice of returning home or continuing to promote law and order on the streets.

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PURGED Draft 1 by Philip Dorr written for The Impact:50 // Baptize me, you son of a bitch.

Normal me

Paint The Town Red Draft 3 by Anika Patel written for The Impact:50 // A member of a drug cartel gets what's coming to him.

Normal me   cern

Panic in Paradise Draft 2 by Jonah Jones written for The Impact:50 // This only breaks the rules if you're not a fundementalist

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Panton Street Draft 3 by Zsofia Szemeredy written for Twisted50 // Would you die for a good film?

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Paper Cuts Draft 1 by Kim Rickcord written for Twisted50 // "If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought."

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Paperclip Man Draft 1 by Andrew Wallace Chamings written for The Impact:50 // Office worker George misses everything while convincing himself to tell his coworker he loves her in the bathroom stall.

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Parallel Draft 2 by martin gooch written for The Impact:50 // What if there wasn't an asteroid..?

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Paraparadise Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Drop in any time.

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Party for Two Draft 3 by Cheryll Ganzel written for The Impact:50 // Two seniors find strength in each other's company.

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Party for the End of the World Draft 1 by Marc Lockier written for The Impact:50 // In a party where anything goes, will two people finally get togther?

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Patience Draft 4 by Donna O'Reilly written for The Impact:50 // When you're not a priority for those your life depends on.

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Patience Gets Her Last Wish Draft 3 by Je'anna Clements written for The Impact:50 // Chris faces two women: the mother of his children, and the woman who raised them

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Patrick's Beautiful Line of Everything Draft 3 by Tracey Parsons written for The Impact:50 // An autistic man finds comfort in his own way.

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Paul's Sign Draft 1 by Itumeleng Molefi written for The Impact:50 // Sometimes, those we choose to love don't love us back.

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Pawn Takes Knight Draft 1 by Kevin Boon written for The Impact:50 // An old man, at the end of the world, receives an unexpected guest.

Normal 20100618  dsc0016

Pax Sincera Draft 3 by David Wigram written for The Impact:50 // Only Barbara knows what the Vicar needs to do his duty - it's inspiration.

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Peace at Last Draft 1 by Charlie Bambridge written for The Impact:50 // A young girl causes a mini-apocalypse when news of the impact interferes with the launch of a TV commercial she had acted in scheduled for later that day.

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Peer Pressure Draft 1 by Je'anna Clements written for The Impact:50 // A mother faces her terminal failure as a role model

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Perchance to Dream Draft 2 by Scott Merrow written for Twisted50 // It’s her first day on the force, and a rookie cop experiences something so horrifying it will haunt her dreams forever.

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Perfect Draft 2 by Ash Corristine written for The Impact:50 // An old lady chooses her final resting place in an unexpected location

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Perfect Draft 2 by Mary Stone written for The Impact:50 // A homeless ex-serviceman takes control of his present as he confronts the past.

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Perfect Light Draft 2 by Rudolf Kremers written for The Impact:50 // A renowned photographer prepares for his final shoot.

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Perfect Neighbours Draft 2 by Kirstie Speke written for Twisted50 // Moving to the suburbs isn't always the safer option….

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Petrichor Draft 3 by Simone Linke written for The Impact:50 // Committing suicide on the day the world ends -- that shouldn't be too hard. Right?

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Philosophical Debate Draft 1 by Anton Garmoza written for The Impact:50 // Modern day ethics in face of a global disaster

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Phone's Dead so trying Graffiti Draft 3 by Lee Greenhough written for The Impact:50 // When a call centre, lazy, wanna-be manager decides to go the toilet to kill time, he doesn't realise the magnitude of what's happening in the world outside.

Normal me

Piano Forte Draft 2 by Grace Dixon written for The Impact:50 // A beautiful and muscal conclusion

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Picking up the pieces Draft 2 by andy lear written for The Impact:50 // How would you spend your last two hours on earth?

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Pie and Peace Draft 4 by Kim Wheeler written for The Impact:50 // For one man, the end of the world is a welcome release.

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Pier Draft 3 by Joshua Herron written for The Impact:50 // The final moments between a father and daughter cause a young man to confront his past.

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Pig Draft 3 by Chris Jeal written for Twisted50 // Like every man, Samson will do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves. Only Samson isn't a man, he's a pig.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Pinball Draft 2 by Kurt Fried written for The Impact:50 // A father tries to convince his reluctant son to join him in the shelter the father has worked so hard to build.

Normal me

Pizza Draft 2 by David Toms written for The Impact:50 // Contained in a metal cash box, is a snapshot of three friends just before the end of the world.

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Play Date (Final Draft) Draft 2 by Reece Shrewsbury written for The Impact:50 // Two children have something else in mind when their play date is called to an end.

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Play Time Draft 1 by Ashli Meynert written for Twisted50 // "It's sitting on the shelf staring straight into your eyes."

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Play Us Out Draft 2 by Boaz Dror written for The Impact:50 // Amidst looting and general pandemonium, a young man meets a kindred spirit in the unlikeliest of places.

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Please, Sir Draft 2 by Natalie Storey written for The Impact:50 // With the impact rapidly nearing, a homeless man is approached by a desperate father and his young son with a request to take his dog.

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Please, just... Love him. Draft 2 by Ian Eadon-Davies written for The Impact:50 // A wife learns of her husband's ultimate betrayal.

Normal me

Pleasing Lethia Draft 4 by Juliet Sneed written for Twisted50 // A devoted husband finds that his wife's idea of love differs greatly from his own.

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Pleasure Draft 4 by Dominic Jones written for The Impact:50 // A beautiful lady decides on her pleasure.

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Plummet Draft 3 by Cera Rose Pickering written for The Impact:50 // Trapped in an elevator, Guy waits for the moment that he will plummet to meet his dreadful fate...

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Plus One Draft 2 by Cat Stewart written for The Impact:50 // A lesbian couple face the possibility of new life in the face of certain death.

Normal me

Pluto Draft 3 by Simon Thomas written for The Impact:50 // Oblivion awaits. The earth has one hope: Charlie's pet dog, Pluto.

Normal img 1586

Polaroid Draft 3 by Carlo Nicdao written for The Impact:50 // Vincent conquers his fear with death using old polaroid pictures of his dead wife.

Normal ejwriter3cimg 5443 sml

Polly's Cat Draft 2 Draft 2 by Elaine Jackson written for The Impact:50 // There is only one companion with whom Polly wants to spend her final moment

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Popcorn Kisses Draft 2 by Cheryll Ganzel written for The Impact:50 // A husband is willing to do just about anything to calm his wife's fears.

Normal andy  at.mosphere  dubai  september 2012

Porcelain Draft 2 by Andy Love written for The Impact:50 // Armageddon isn't the worst thing that can happen...

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Postage Due Draft 3 by Scott Merrow written for Twisted50 // Late one afternoon, a sweet old lady retrieves a package from a small-town post office. A few hours later, all hell breaks loose.

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Poster Boy Draft 1 by Tracey Flynn written for 50 Kisses // A socially uncomfortable woman takes a picture of a man she meets at the bus stop and discovers he was trying to pass her his number

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Posterity Draft 3 by Tom Batt written for The Impact:50 // A photographer captures human existence for whomever survives or comes after us.

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Postscript For Margot Draft 3 by Alison Clapham written for The Impact:50 // A recently bereaved grandmother gains comfort from the knowledge that her late husband is still around

Normal 2015 10 07 21.47.35

Power Cut Draft 3 by Lindsay Moakes written for Twisted50 // Don't be afraid of the dark. But do be afraid.

Normal mpallisheadshot e1356143012208

Practice Makes Perfect Draft 1 by Mark Pallis written for 50 Kisses // Clint anxiously practices kissing only to find a soft peck on the cheek does just fine.

Normal as 282754806763521 1444425407741 l

Practice what you preach Draft 2 by Stephanie Hutton written for Twisted50 // An extreme method to test out whether Counselling trainees take their own advice

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Pray Draft 2 by Matt Giannini written for The Impact:50 // Sarah must convince her panicked, atheistic boyfriend that there's nothing left to do other than pray.

Normal 12483714 10156431877210512 729897385 n

Precipice Draft 3 by Jamie Milligan written for The Impact:50 // A man tries to take his own life.

Normal dscf1035

Prepared Draft 2 by Chris Lang written for The Impact:50 // A man and a woman can survive as long as they love each other.

Normal p1020817

Present Draft 2 Draft 2 by Fran Morrison written for The Impact:50 // The Father Andy never knew calls to meet him at the end of the world.

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Present Tense Draft 2 by Annabelle Afful written for The Impact:50 // A Traffic Warden Dream

Normal image

President to President Draft 2 by Kim Wheeler written for The Impact:50 // Even at the end of the world, there is time for a little power play.


President's Speech Draft 3 by Tembot Shovgenov written for The Impact:50 // The President's last speech before the end of the world...or the latest one?

Normal vy2

Priceless Draft 1 by Vanessa Yardley written for 50 Kisses // Egged on by his friends, a nervous young man approaches a prostitute on a dare.

Normal paul harker screenwriter

Priceless Draft 2 by Paul Harker written for The Impact:50 // A billionaire has an escape route – if he can get there in time

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Princess For A Day Draft 1 by stephen atherton written for The Impact:50 // A girls birthday party

Normal img 0019

Prisoner 5132 Draft 2 by Vicky Parsons written for The Impact:50 // A shot at redemption.

Normal dsc00071

Prisoners Draft 1 by Ken Klein written for The Impact:50 // A prison Chaplain is faced with a moral quandary concerning the fate of the incarcerated at the end of the world.

Normal bobspicofme

Pro-Pete Draft 1 by Julie Merrick written for The Impact:50 // A woman has a medical abortion just before the world ends.

Normal 11225456 10207786523919274 2178062005666102590 o

Profoundly Dead Draft 3 by Daniel Brown written for The Impact:50 // The morning after a disastrous night out, a young man, deaf man decides that he's never going to wear his hearing-aids again. However, there's a problem - he hasn't heard the news that the world is about to end.

Normal 100 0584

Prognosis Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Would I lie to you...?

Normal cecazve0 400x400

Project Approved Draft 1 by Andrew Williamson written for Twisted50 // An embittered biology teacher embarks on an evening of assessing experiment project plans only to find he is the subject of one the student's experiments.

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Project Legacy Draft 2 by Su Hoyle written for The Impact:50 // Sharper than the serpent's tooth

Normal carolinarath 201403 02 klein

Promise Draft 2 by Carolina Rath written for The Impact:50 // Love is not the end.

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Promised Land Draft 3 by KT Parker written for The Impact:50 // After a perilous voyage, a refugee reaches Europe's shores.

Normal bildschirmfoto 2014 12 07 um 12.48.02

Proof of Love Draft 1 by Jesco Puluj written for 50 Kisses // Two shy singletons pretend to be a couple of order to gain free entry to a Valentine’s Club night.

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400

Prospero and the Tempest Draft 2 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // The show will go on.

Normal philliplawrence 07102013 wum 46

Protect And Survive Draft 3 by Philip Lawrence written for The Impact:50 // Maureen realises she doesn't always have to defer to her husband.

Normal img 20151130 210958845

Proud Parents Draft 1 by Steve Salt written for The Impact:50 // How do we say goodbye? Can we change the inevitable? How does the most powerfull man on earth deal with the end of life?

Normal veramark

Psukhe draft 3 Draft 3 by Vera Mark written for 50 Moments // When a young boy saves an injured butterfly, his small act of courage and kindness accompanies him throughout his life, easing his passing at the end.

Normal download2

Psyche! Draft 4 by Korok Chatterjee written for The Impact:50 // A man with paranoid delusions is convinced the world won't end.

Normal mini mini me

Psycho Killer Draft 4 by Rebecca Handley written for The Impact:50 // A psychopath's sensibilities are offended at the point of retribution

Normal jon self desk01 024 a

Pull the Plug Draft 3 by Jon Raymond written for The Impact:50 // A hire/fire manager makes a management decision.

Normal lisaparry

Push Draft 3 by Lisa Parry written for The Impact:50 // As death approaches, three people battle to witness new life.

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Put Out Draft 3 by Ben Tobin written for The Impact:50 // One final favour will surely get him his reward.

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Putting A Brave Face On Draft 4 by Alistair Canlin written for The Impact:50 // A man decides to finally be his true self

Normal ejwriter3cimg 5443 sml

Putting It Right Draft 3 by Elaine Jackson written for The Impact:50 // A Detective tries to make amends for a doubtful arrest and his own misbehaviour

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Putting on the Glitz Draft 3 by Liz Correal written for The Impact:50 // There's never enough time to change.

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Pyongyang Draft 1 by Paul Harker written for The Impact:50 // An announcement from the Democrat People's Republic of Korea