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Currently there are 476 stories submitted to Twisted50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.

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Vicky Tolidou // Online Management

Viktoria joined Create50 after kicking ass with After Effects. Now she has stepped up to managing all the digital assets for Twisted50.


Twisted 50 vol 1 is now closed. Volume 2 is open for submissions now HERE. And congratulations to the winners who will appear in both Twisted 50 vol 1 and Twisted's Evil Little Sister vol 1.

Read more about Twisted50, including guidance and rules HERE.

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Normal matt lewis billhook

A Christmas Story draft 3 Draft 3 by Matt Lewis written for Twisted50 // (For Reading out loud. Perhaps around the fire.)

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Shopping Draft 2 by Maggie Innes written for Twisted50 // Key to success, even for a psychopath - make a list

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Dear Son Draft 3 by Hillier Townsend written for Twisted50 // The craving that knows no end

Normal me again

The Stink Monster Draft 3 Draft 3 by Fredrick Ochami written for Twisted50 // A drunk, filthy teenager is visited by a creature that thrives in filth.

Normal portret susan vermeer

Meet Dick Draft 3 by Susan Vermeer written for Twisted50 // Revenge may bite you... somewhere

Normal phil profile

Hands (3rd draft) Draft 2 by Phil Town written for Twisted50 // She loved his hands.

Normal pinewood cu

No Chain Draft 4 by Paul Wharton written for Twisted50 // Flat for sale. No chain. What's the catch?

Normal me sept 2015 b

Mrs Shrimpton’s Ever Growing Flowerbeds and her Filleting Knife Draft Five Draft 4 by steven stockford written for Twisted50 // Murder is easy. It is remembering to hide the thingumajig, you know, the what’s it. Would you like a nice biscuit with your tea?

Normal pb190006

The Naughty Room Draft 4 by Charles Maciejewski written for Twisted50 // Memories

Normal me   cern

Chocolate to Die For Draft 3 by Jonah Jones written for Twisted50 // Take care that your fantasiesdon't take you away

Normal toby   head shot

Muntjac (Draft 3) Draft 2 by Toby Norways written for Twisted50 // A philanderer faces his demons in a terrifying encounter on a country road.

Normal img 1677

Clear Air Turbulence Draft 5 by David Young written for Twisted50 // A chance conversation on a bumpy flight changes the fate of two men.

Normal merlin close up

Killing Her Little Darling Draft 5 by Merlin Ward written for Twisted50 // Nice guys come last. He was a nice guy.

Normal cecazve0 400x400

Project Approved Draft 2 by Andrew Williamson written for Twisted50 // An embittered biology teacher embarks on an evening of assessing experiment project plans only to find he is the subject of one the student's experiments.

Normal profile n

Velvet Mary Draft 3 by Rachael Howard written for Twisted50 // Not every port in a storm is worth the risk.

Normal img 0635

Seeing Red Draft 10 by Philip Trickett written for Twisted50 // Bad dreams put to rest.

Normal gnosall

Something to his left Draft 2 by Gerald Kells written for Twisted50 // There's something to his left. Has it been there long? Will it go away?

Normal portrait

Busy Izzie Draft 7 by Milethia Thomas written for Twisted50 // Izzie just has to touch the dolls.

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A Curious Boy Draft 3 by Joshua Saltzman written for Twisted50 // A snow storm. A stranger. A box. And one bored little boy.

Normal 090608 painting1

Killer Heels Draft 4 by Sasha Black written for Twisted50 // How far will one girl go to wear those six inch stilleto heels?