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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.


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Some Dolls Are Haunted Draft 2 by Chris Willcox written for Twisted50 // A doll with issues causes grief

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The Apple Orchard Draft 2 by Su Hoyle written for Twisted50 // When love transcends

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Movie Night Draft 1 by Michael Esser written for Twisted50 // Promise me to be happy. To the end.

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BABY Draft 3 by Paul Lindley written for Twisted50 // A dramatic series of events have brought Maria to assess the world she lives in

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The Cat Draft 3 by Hannes Biersack written for Twisted50 // Feline survival

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Sanctified Draft 3 by Evan Marlowe written for Twisted50 // Strange pains are keeping Kurt up at night.

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CLICK Draft 2 by Angus Strachan written for Twisted50 // The art of the dying bird!

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The Create50 Initiative Draft 2 by Mark Renshaw written for Twisted50 // The Create50 Initiative is NOT what you think it is!

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Beth and Jerry's Draft 2 by Ryan Abrahams written for Twisted50 // The sweet creamy taste of domestic upheaval and mental fragility

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Smear Draft 2 by Chris Vanderhorst written for Twisted50 // A widow must deal with the judgmental parents at her son's party.

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Questions to the Artist known as Draco Draft 3 by Diane Simpson written for Twisted50 // An inexperienced interviewer seeks to extract the truth from a bad-tempered and pretentious artist

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Another Day Draft 2 by Liz Holliday written for Twisted50 // In a place where nothing ever changes, something has changed... but is that enough to save Cath?

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Mother's Homecoming Draft 2 by Louise Johnson written for Twisted50 // A middle-aged woman, who fears that she has missed out on life, tries to confront her tyrannical mother but things don't go according to plan.

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Muntjac (Draft 2) Draft 1 by Toby Norways written for Twisted50 // A philanderer faces his demons in a terrifying encounter on a country road.

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Group of Death Draft 1 by Kevin Blackmun written for Twisted50 // Vanilla sex is as outdated as office desks. So what do people want from life today?

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Second Chance Draft 1 by Maggie Innes written for Twisted50 // A man, tormented and violently transformed after a heart transplant, is driven to track down his donor's widow, and possess her

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Let Me In Draft 1 by Chris Vanderhorst written for Twisted50 // A woman comes to term with her age.

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Seven Suicide Draft 1 by Chris Vanderhorst written for Twisted50 // A man hears voices, until he doesn't.

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Shopping Draft 1 by Maggie Innes written for Twisted50 // Key to success, even for a psychopath - make a list

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She Will Never Die Draft 4 by Dee Chilton written for Twisted50 // The last thoughts of a killer.