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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.


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Smog Draft 1 by Liz Correal written for Twisted50 // Breath deep. There's danger in the air.

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Bloodshed in the church Draft 1 by Edwin Eric Maboko written for Twisted50 // Bearing in mind horrible things He encountered, a genocide survivor holds back the pardon.

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Feng Shui Obligated Draft 1 by Kooi Glendinning written for Twisted50 // A young man returns to his inherited house with his wife and reawakens an inherited curse.

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HOME DELIVERY Draft 1 by Terry Comer written for Twisted50 // Sugar and spice and all things nice.

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Goran the Butcher Draft 1 by Laurence Storey written for Twisted50 // A young man meets a local legend whilst on his gap year.

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VAN TRAM Draft 1 by Terry Comer written for Twisted50 // NOT SUCH A SMART ARSE AFTER ALL.

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The Fall Draft 1 by Usman Akram written for Twisted50 // A young man stands on the edge of life.

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Through the Window Draft 2 by Gerald Kells written for Twisted50 // There are no cars. People pass. Then someone comes inside. They always come inside.

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The Touch of Evil Related Draft 1 by Alan Nielsen written for Twisted50 // A young woman is haunted by a ghostly apparition and must take action before her life is destroyed

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Sticky People Draft 2 by Christopher Patrick written for Twisted50 // Sometimes people just stick to you.

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The Wretched Draft 1 by Thomas Simpson written for Twisted50 // Mortal pleasures are temporary, eternal torment is permanent

Normal cmykungxaaapbil

Hole Draft 1 by Duncan Gates written for Twisted50 // From the depths of the soul...

Normal cmykungxaaapbil

The Boy in the Corridor Draft 1 by Duncan Gates written for Twisted50 // Sometimes the monster isn't who you expect

Normal fiona tuohy

Broccoli Soup Draft 1 by Fiona Tuohy written for Twisted50 // A privileged immoral woman bites off more than she can chew.

Normal ericbc

Girls Will Be Girls Draft 2 by Eric Crociquia written for Twisted50 // A recently crowned prom queen must survive a hellish aftermath of a party...

Normal elaine 2

Sweet Revenge Draft 1 by Elaine Walton written for Twisted50 // Bitter and twisted or can she redeem herself?

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Tastes Like Chicken Draft 1 by Sean Lindsay written for Twisted50 // We've got to survive

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The Sardine Can Draft 2 by Matt Archer written for Twisted50 // Jonathan's searching for his girlfriend in a club which hides its secrets well

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The Back Seat Driver Draft 1 by nancy cohen-koan written for Twisted50 // A man takes a ride to destiny.