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The Team

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Chris Jones // Team Leader

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Cristina Palmer Romero // Editor and Director

Co-ordinating all your deliciously dark tales and loving every moment of it.

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Elinor Perry-Smith // Production and Reading

Looking forward to digging her teeth into the warm flesh of ‘Twisted’.


Stories beginning with the letter W

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WAITING FOR JANATI Draft 3 by Ramman Gautam written for The Impact:50 // IN THE END IS THE BEGINNING

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WAITING FOR THE ANGELS Draft 2 by elizabeth strachan written for The Impact:50 // A little girl finds the courage to stand up to her abuser

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WAKING THE GUEST Draft 3 by Luke Ackroyd written for The Impact:50 // Lauren's kidnappers are conflicted about waking her up to tell her the bad news.

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WE STARTED, SO WE'LL FINISH Draft 3 by Paul Lindley written for The Impact:50 // It started off as the best day of their life.

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WE'RE GONNA FLY TONIGHT Draft 3 by Philip Dorr written for The Impact:50 // Drink deeply of that one last look of family love and make it all an enjoyable feast for your children too young to know what's about to happen.

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WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Draft 4 by Bradford Richardson written for The Impact:50 // A teenage airplane-nerd collides with the rocker-girl who broke his heart and together they borrow a plane with the intention of flying it into the city to find her parents.

Normal  mg 1450

WHEN I HAVE FEARS THAT I MAY CEASE TO BE Draft 2 by Warren FitzGerald written for The Impact:50 // All that glitters is not gold.

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WHEN WE BECOME STARS Draft 1 by Stevan Serban written for The Impact:50 // Father explains his little daughter consequences of what will happen to the planet

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WHITE Draft 2 by Matt Sanders written for The Impact:50 // White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White.

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WHOVIANS Draft 3 by Mark Wilson written for The Impact:50 // Impact? What Impact?! A five year-old sci-fi fan's first priority is to save his family from a body-snatching alien slug.

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WHY DOGS MAKE THE BEST DINNER COMPANIONS Draft 4 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // A woman shares her last meal with her best friend.

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WHY NOT draft two Draft 2 by Bren Littlewood written for The Impact:50 // Joey longs for adventure but when offered the chance, all he can think about is his dinner.

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WHY-FI Draft 1 by Mark Renshaw written for Twisted50 vol 2 // An obsessed man goes to extreme lengths to discover why his wife was brutally murdered.

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WOMBS Draft 2 by Marie-Luce Storme written for The Impact:50 // Another chance for life.

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Wait for me Draft 4 by Milethia Thomas written for The Impact:50 // Lorna takes the run of her life to try to reach her daughter.

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Waiting Draft 2 by Kal Karim written for The Impact:50 // A man waits his entire life for the end of time

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Waiting For The Author Draft 4 by Stephanie Wessell written for The Impact:50 // They wait for their soulmate.

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Waiting For The Cab Draft 3 by Paul Draper written for The Impact:50 // Final decisions seem less final in the face of extinction.

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Waiting for Marjorie Draft 2 by Jonah Jones written for Twisted50 // When the Law won't help, you have to help yourself.

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Waiting for Wormwood - Draft 2 Draft 2 by Diane Simpson written for The Impact:50 // Music, horses, a star. What more could they need?

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Waiting for the 17:20 Draft 3 by Therese Andre written for The Impact:50 // A man is stuck in daily routine as the world faces annihilation.

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Wake Up Before We Go Draft 2 by Sandra Gallistl written for The Impact:50 // In the face of certain death Jessica finds comfort in the arms of her daughter's doctor when she realizes she won't be able to say goodbye.

Normal tania garcia ayala

Waking Up Draft 3 by Tania Garcia Ayala written for The Impact:50 // Alva has been in a coma for a year. When she wakes up, Darran is the first person she remembers. The clock is ticking before the time comes for them to sleep. Again.

Normal karenpic2

Walls Draft 3 by Karen Sheard written for Twisted50 // No one was watching when he decided to hide the body and steal the house. No one but the walls.

Normal img 8341

Walt Draft 3 by Zsofia Szemeredy written for The Impact:50 // Freedom is subjective. This is a story from the perspective of Walt, a hamster. I imagine it as either a full or half cartoon animation (with a few live actions mixed in).

Normal alu 0037a

Warehouse in the Sky Draft 2 by David Hardwick written for Twisted50 // Will doorman Rocky let me into an exclusive club and what horrific information can he reveal about me?

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Watching The Clock Draft 2 by Helen Kennaugh written for The Impact:50 // Too little time isn't always the worst problem.

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Watching the world burn Draft 3 by Grant Atkins written for The Impact:50 // An astronaut's wife wants him back on earth.

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Water In Heaven Draft 1 by Ranjit Krishnamma written for The Impact:50 // When the child is the adult.

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Wave Goodbye To Daddy Draft 2 by Eden Carter written for The Impact:50 // Daddy is coming home as fast as he ca...

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Waving to Daddy Draft 2 by Sue Whitting written for The Impact:50 // We are all made of stardust

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Way To Go2 Draft 3 by Kate Cheeseman written for The Impact:50 // Vince is on a mission, but its not going too well.

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We All Go Together Draft 3 by Lainy Bagwell written for The Impact:50 // No Turtle Left Behind

Normal sharron preston

We All Scream For Ice Cream Draft 1 by Sharron Preston written for The Impact:50 // A father proves there is never a wrong time to have ice cream

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We Are Sorry To Inform You Draft 1 by Roxana Sezavar written for The Impact:50 // Even the world coming to an end can't cure Andy's tunnel vision.

Normal tony

We Have All Eternity Draft 2 by Anthony Samangy written for The Impact:50 // Jacob has to get to the one he loves before the end of the world. Life has a different plan.

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We Little but We Tallawah Draft 2 by Beverley Cooper-Chambers written for The Impact:50 // Always the jester, up for the anything...Eddie laughs alone...

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We Must All Make Sacrifices Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Any body will do.

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We Need To Talk Draft 1 by Ryan La Via written for 50 Moments // Somethings aren't better off unsaid

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We Should Tell Each Other All Our Secrets Right Now Draft 1 by Hugh Brune written for The Impact:50 // Lily looks back on her marriage as the sky turns dark

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We Want The Light Draft 3 by Eivor Bekkhus written for Twisted50 // Marlene's house is dark.

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We Were Basically Squirrels Then Draft 2 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // A father tries to reassure his son, using science.

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We Were Human Draft 2 by Nicole Robb written for The Impact:50 // Alone in the last remaining satellite tower, three people have only minutes to decide mankind's final words.

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We'll Always Have Paris Draft 2 by Carmen Radtke written for The Impact:50 // Kate makes sure she and her unsuspecting husband will go gently into this good night.

Normal lex de vroomen

We'll Meet Again Draft 2 by Lex de Vroomen written for The Impact:50 // An man gets dressed up: Ready and waiting for the impact to happen.

Normal photo on 2015 07 03 at 19.27

We've Started, So We'll Finish - Part Deux Draft 3 by Paul Lindley written for The Impact:50 // A life worth waiting for

Normal dscf5164

We've Survived Worse Draft 4 by Ben Marshall written for The Impact:50 // An aging war veteran completes a brave journey to his safe place to die

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We, The Jury Draft 1 by Lloyd Morgan written for The Impact:50 // A murder trial is disrupted by the apocalypse. But the question remains. Guilty or Not Guilty?

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Welcome Aboard Air Doomsday Draft 3 by Anne-Cecile Ville written for The Impact:50 // Two pilots attempt to rescue a host of strangers from an impending disaster.

Normal jo fox haw 001

Welcome to my world Draft 1 by Joanna Marie Fox-Haw written for The Impact:50 // A hospice patient becomes a healer.

Normal darren.barker 1413824000 14

Welcome to the World Draft 1 by Darren Barker written for The Impact:50 // A man stumbles upon a somber surprise on his way to a secret bunker

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Welcome, Sam Draft 4 by Bren Littlewood written for The Impact:50 // Should Mike spoil the best day of Liz's life?

Normal 2015 11 24 17.52.18

Well Come Home Draft 4 by Jacqueline Swift written for The Impact:50 // Katie's mum is on her way home from New Zealand, she can't wait to see her again

Normal jess

Westbrook Draft 4 by Jessica Jagdmann written for Twisted50 // As he walked down the hall he knew he should have left but something kept pulling him in, further and further.

Normal photo 2014   lisa

What Are You Doing? Draft 2 by Lisa Reily written for The Impact:50 // It takes the impact to change some families.

Normal 20100618  dsc0016

What Are You Thinking? Draft 2 by David Wigram written for The Impact:50 // After forty-nine years of marriage, Bud and Gemmy can still surprise each other.

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What He Missed Draft 3 by Tim Guest written for The Impact:50 // While he was watching the world, he forgot about something else

Normal callum new 1 2

What Should Have Been Draft 2 by Calum Darroch written for The Impact:50 // As the end of the world draws nigh, a young couple try to come to terms with the future that has been taken from them.

Normal markcowling

What Would John McClane Do? Draft 1 by Mark Cowling written for The Impact:50 // Jim isn't taking the end of the world well, but help might be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Normal 20130818 christine pepersack 074 3

What You Do Best Draft 2 by Christine Pepersack written for The Impact:50 // Facing she can't reach her family before the impact, a journalist decides to keep doing her job.

Normal fullsize cropped

What a Waste! Draft 2 by Holly Barratt written for The Impact:50 // Aaron works as a call centre monkey by day, but lives for the gym. And won't skip leg day for anything...

Normal photos 012

What he needs Draft 1 by Ben Lacey written for The Impact:50 // The Man who has taken everything wants just one more thing.

Normal hiren

What is it Good For? Draft 2 by Hiren Joshi written for The Impact:50 // The US Military are enjoying their free time, before the news of the meteor ripples through the squad.

Normal 1926733 10202368957398997 1735272151 n

What on Earth! Too Draft 2 by Dan Campisi written for The Impact:50 // The asteroid is excited to meet the friendly residents of our planet.

Normal me bw

What the Hell Draft 2 by Natalie Barthel written for The Impact:50 // A middle class couple decide to live a little for once.

Normal mums profilpicture

What you don't know won't hurt you Draft 3 by Christina Stahle written for The Impact:50 // In the snowy wilderness, the animals feel the end approaching.

Normal dscf5164

What's Up Walter? Draft 3 by Ben Marshall written for The Impact:50 // Walter and Judy wait for the end at their son's apartment. Walter won't let it end like this.

Normal img 1439

What's Yours Is Mine Draft 2 by Nick Yates written for Twisted50 // Question everything you trust. Your senses. Your memory. Your family.

Normal portrait retouchiert 161x161

What's up, doc? Draft 2 by Remo Pini written for The Impact:50 // A widower looks forward to rejoining his wife, but he has to save his rabbit, first.

Normal image

Whatever it takes Draft 1 by Nadine Buscher written for Twisted50 // A young woman fights for the life of her love, but happy endings don't come cheap.

Normal dave headshot 2

When 3 Become 1 Draft 2 by Dave Stevenson written for The Impact:50 // A bitter, separated couple are forced to co-exist in order to spend their final moments with their son.

Normal 1a463631 75b0 4a89 9cfe 7466633eed71  2

When Fairy Tales Fall Draft 3 by Diana Read written for Twisted50 // He was six when he last believed in fairy tales.

Normal 100 0584

When the Kissing Had to Start Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // It's a Wanda-ful death!.

Normal markcowling

Where R U? Draft 1 by Mark Cowling written for Twisted50 // Rob is haunted by his failure to save the life of a friend.

Normal image

Where Shall I Wander Draft 3 by Dana Pierre written for The Impact:50 // A neglected little girl seeks solace in her make believe world as the apocalypse approaches.

Normal picture1

Where There's Life Draft 1 by Barry Hood written for The Impact:50 // Following a journey

Normal default

Where There's Life Draft 1 by Tom Evans written for The Impact:50 // A scientist has just learnt about the impact, a little later than the rest of us.

Normal cache 2412072955

Where is Millie? Draft 1 by Linda Dunscombe written for The Impact:50 // Is it too late to say sorry?

Normal jamie 12 portrait

Where it all began Draft 2 by Jamie Oakey written for The Impact:50 // Friends gather as the world crumbles

Normal image

Where the bad girls go Draft 3 by lewis rice written for Twisted50 // A teenage baby sitter strugles to settle a baby.

Normal me

Which Way Home Draft 2 by Nick Luddington written for Twisted50 // Sometimes people will do anything to get home...

Normal image

Whimper Draft 1 by Karen Kay written for The Impact:50 // Facing the end of the world, a man find clarity.

Normal rebecca hardy profile

Whiskey Draft 2 by Rebecca Hardy written for The Impact:50 // Revenge is best served in unexpected circumstances to anyone who fits the bill.

Normal headshot

Whispers Draft 3 by KT Parker written for The Impact:50 // Bunny is running late on the biggest day of her life.

Normal bm headshot

White Liar Draft 3 by ben mole written for The Impact:50 // A teenage girl wishes her younger brother would stop playing on his computer, and come down and spend time with their mum.

Normal  igp7181

White Lies Draft 2 by Harry Wilding written for The Impact:50 // A mother and father reluctantly tell a few lies to comfort their young children about the impending apocalypse.

Normal matt fishwick profile

White Noise Draft 2 by Matt Fishwick written for The Impact:50 // Sometimes there are bigger problems than the end of the world.

Normal new profile 2

Who Told You So? Draft 1 by Tara Moore written for Twisted50 // An old woman danced in a young woman's soul (From 'Age' by Tara Moore)

Normal img 1845

Who's Next? Draft 2 by Nicolas Durand written for Twisted50 // A serial killer in the making

Normal mini mini me

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Draft 1 by Rebecca Handley written for 50 Moments // Fairy stories aren't real... are they?

Normal aless profile pic

Whose Idea Was This? Draft 1 by aless castagni written for The Impact:50 // Despite finding herself in the wilderness, 18 year old Karen is adamant that she is not going to die a virgin when the comet hits.

Normal si 2015 3

Why Run? Draft 3 by Steve Ince written for The Impact:50 // When the shooting starts in the local high school, two students flee for their lives. But why delay the inevitable?

Normal img 5072

Why the Silence? Draft 3 by Dan Price written for The Impact:50 // Sian idly speculates on our place in the universe and the future we almost had.

Normal cynthia  3    2012

Will We Really Know, The Time Or The Day Draft 2 by Cynthia Ekang written for The Impact:50 // Can Crystal's faith hold out despite the changing surroundings?

Normal behind the house  2

Will to Live Draft 2 by Jennifer Wilkinson written for The Impact:50 // In the face of certain death, a family fights for life.

Normal photo on 26 10 2015 at 20.12

William Draft 1 by Sonya Quayle written for The Impact:50 // What matters to William is at the end of the day he will be practically perfectly dressed in grey.

Normal pm medium 2 1

Willkommen Draft 3 by Philip Martin written for Twisted50 // Death on the battlefield leads to a haunting in peace time.

Normal dsc04379

Win Some, Lose Some Draft 2 by Nick Boocock written for The Impact:50 // One couple. Two pieces of earth-shattering news. Only one outcome...

Normal headshot

Winds Of Change Draft 3 by KT Parker written for The Impact:50 // A reluctant Bedouin bride regrets her wedding-day wish.

Normal img 3954

Winner Winner Draft 3 by Kodjo Tsakpo written for The Impact:50 // Fate finally smiles on an irrepressible pr**k

Normal 100 0584

Wipeout Draft 3 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Time to wave goodbye.

Normal lswf2013 064

Wish Draft 4 by Geoff Stillwell written for The Impact:50 // Two young parents dare to dream for their new-born baby at the end of the world.

Normal suzi image

Witches Draft 3 by Suzi Finlay written for Twisted50 // What would you do if you knew there were witches in the woods?

Normal bm headshot

With Apologies To Carl Sagan Draft 3 by ben mole written for The Impact:50 // The announcer at a planetarium brings a moment of pause to our plight

Normal calvin peat

With Great Power...Comes Utter Helplessness Draft 1 by Calvin Peat written for The Impact:50 // After giving his speech to the world, the President struggles to come to terms with his inability to make a difference.

Normal impact

With the one you love Draft 4 by Craig Miles written for The Impact:50 // Breaking up is hard at the best of times.

Normal paulsheeky

Without A Heart Draft 3 by Paul Sheeky written for The Impact:50 // Carrying an urgently needed human heart across the city, a paramedic faces a tough choice.

Normal scan

Without You Draft 2 by Ranjit Krishnamma written for The Impact:50 // When will we ever learn?

Normal photo on 22 09 2015 at 20.02 copy

Wonder Woman Draft 2 by SALLY EASTLAND written for The Impact:50 // Dressed as Wonder Woman after a party held to mark fresh beginnings as a new divorcee, a hungover Carol finds her inner heroine.

Normal img 5072

Words in the Fire Draft 3 by Dan Price written for The Impact:50 // Sam and Father have a final family campfire on the beach, just like old times.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Worlds Apart Draft 2 by Craig Connolly written for The Impact:50 // Half way around the world, completely unaware.

Normal where the dead gosm  71328 zoom 1

Worm's Eye View Draft 2 by Eamonn Harrigan written for The Impact:50 // A pair of down-andouts find blissful ignorance when the rest of the world finds despair

Normal img 20151124 165554

Wrong Delivery Draft 3 by Richie Brown written for Twisted50 // Delivered in error.

Normal image

Wyn and Walt Draft 1 by Billie-Jean Chappell written for The Impact:50 // An asteroid is on course to hit the earth! ....Right I'll put the kettle on.

Normal gnosall

war and peace Draft 2 by Gerald Kells written for The Impact:50 // The world is ending. How do you want it remembered? Two lines only.