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Finalist Sister

David Young
Writer: Sitcom Pilot, Short Story & Feature Film

I joined Create50 in 2015. I have reviewed 27 projects.

More degrees than a Phoenix summer, and have turned a paying legal career into a speculative writing career. I'm awesome.

Films that Inspired Me

A Fish Called Wanda, Star Wars (the only one), Braveheart, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 400 Blows, Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence of Arabia

My Favorite Quote

"Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon... with nail polish. These f**king amateurs..."

My Friends

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About Me

Growing up as a Scot in America, I fell in love with quality comedies on both sides of the Atlantic. I was just as likely to be watching Fawlty Towers and Good Neighbors as I was Taxi and Cheers. However, when I found Blackadder, I devised my cunning plan to become a writer (one that I even more cunningly put off for a couple of decades).

I have two sitcom pilots and a third on the way. One of them, "Kicking & Screaming," has seen success as a Bronze Prize winner for the Page International Screenwriting Awards, a Finalist at the Nashville Film Festival, and a successful applicant for selection for the London Screenwriter's Festival Comedy Writer's Room. Outside of the sitcom realm, I was commissioned to adapt a 1960's Cold War novel into a TV serial, was selected as a finalist for "The Impact," and was selected twice for writer's labs at the London Screenwriter's Festival.

My entry into writing a horror short story for "Twisted's Evil Little Sister" comes from my real life belief that every plane I ride will end in a fireball. Sure, I need them to get where I'm going, but I don't have to like them. I think I get that point across in "Clear Air Turbulence." Enjoy.

My Recent Work

Story: My Beloved Draft 4 for Singularity 50

Story: Clear Air Turbulence Draft 5 for Twisted50

Screenplay: One Last Shot Draft 3 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: A Walk In The Park Draft 1 for The Impact:50

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend

Alterverse by Emma Pullar

Lions Led by Donkeys by Dee Chilton

WORMS by Emma Pullar

Crossing Over by Nick Jackson

Devil In The Detail by Nick Jackson

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 27)

Venus by Fiona Leitch

The First Casualty by Nick Jackson

Alterverse by Emma Pullar

The First Casualty by Nick Jackson

Someone to Watch Over Me by Rachel Ballard

Lions Led by Donkeys by Dee Chilton

WORMS by Emma Pullar

WORMS by Emma Pullar

Eve and Adam by Tom J Hingley

Firecat and the Five-pointed Mobiles Error by Jonah Jones

All Feedback

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Singularity 50 // Book // collection of short stories

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Twisted50 vol 2 // Book // collection of short stories

Currently accepting stories

Submit your Work!

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The Singularity50 Book Has A Website

Quick update, we now have a website for The Singularity50. The stories are still, as you know, being read, re-read and judged. But do check out the site and if you would like to write a blog about your experiences and story for The Singularity, drop me a line with it and we will get it published on the site