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Elinor Perry-Smith
Writer and proofreader. Poet and noveliser.

I joined Create50 in 2015. I have reviewed 245 projects.

I am never bored! The great thing about being a writer is that everything is research, including you... yes you. Why are you running away?

Films that Inspired Me

White Material, Oasis, Mad Max: Fury Road, Quills, Alien, Enemy, Inland Empire, Fight Club

My Favorite Quote

Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

My Friends

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About Me

I came to screenwriting through my Film and Media degree at Birkbeck (2001-2005). I first met Lucy Hay when she was my script editor on a screenwriting initiative at Metlab and we've been friends ever since. An early draft of PENNY DREADFUL was a quarter-finalist in the Screenwriting Expo 2007 and featured on
In 2012, my short playscript COUP was staged at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington as part of a festival of new writing. I've worked for a computer software company, proofing forty software manuals, as well as essays, mission statements, screenwriting manuals, novels and scripts, for clients in the UK and abroad. I am Associate Editor for a listings magazine to be launched in January 2016.

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend

No Chain by Paul Wharton

Forever by Joe McSorley

Paper Cuts by Kim Rickcord

Nothing for Nothing draft 2 by Matt Lewis

Raising Cain by Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Gulled (draft 2) by Phil Smith

The Memory Man by Danielle Wager

The Naughty Room by Charles Maciejewski

Gooseberry Pie by Jessica Brown

One Blind Eye by Linda Dunscombe

The Bell by Patty Papageorgiou

Toast by Kim Wheeler

Filial Piety by Kooi Glendinning

A Mexican Wave Of WIshes by Alex Vrettos

The Ballad of Liam and Chantelle by steven stockford

The Retribution Of Elsie Buckle by Lucy V Hay

Fear by Mark Renshaw

For Love by Sue Whitting

Earththings by Su Hoyle

Us by Su Hoyle

Clear Air Turbulence by David Young

Unfinished Business by Helga Hopkins

Mrs Shrimpton’s Ever Growing Flowerbeds and her Filleting Knife Draft Two by steven stockford

018625 by Zsofia Szemeredy

A Ballad for Orpheus by Crawford Anderson-Dillon

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 245)

Beth and Jerry's by Ryan Abrahams

Victim by KT Parker

Bed & Breakfast by Chris Andrew

No Chain by Paul Wharton

The Stink Monster Draft 2 by Fredrick Ochami

A Revolting Story by JT Billeter

Let's go home now by Philip Trickett

Little Lucy Comes To Visit by Haley Richmond

The Crawling by Emma Pullar

Questions to the Artist known as Draco by Diane Simpson

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As a member of the Create50 commmunity, I want to invite you to a screening of 50 Kisses on valentines in Deptford. It will be a great night out and a chance to share the experience on the big screen.