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Stephanie Wessell
Writer & Director

I joined Create50 in 2014. I have reviewed 61 projects.

I write scripts, fiction, and web articles, and I direct both factual and fictional film.

Films that Inspired Me

Shortcuts, Jaws, Magnolia, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Black Mirror, Black Fish, Let The Right One In

My Favorite Quote

"We've gone on holiday by mistake. We're in this cottage here. Are you the farmer?" (Withnail and I)

My Friends

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My Recent Work

Story: Long-Gone Gindi Draft 3 for Singularity 50

Story: The Behemoth And The Birthday Draft 3 for Twisted50 vol 2

Screenplay: Tampon Draft 2 for The Impact:50

Story: The Beholder Draft 5 for Twisted50

Screenplay: Waiting For The Author Draft 4 for The Impact:50

Story: Treehouse Draft 4 for Twisted50

Screenplay: Sacrifice Draft 3 for 50 Moments

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend

IF (we are), ELSE IF (we are not) by Steve Pool

Market Research by Richie Brown

A Day In The Life Of A Serial Killer by Tara Moore

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 61)

The Telescopic Philanthropist's Modest Proposal by Richard Craven

The Telescopic Philanthropist's Modest Proposal by Richard Craven

Shambala by Sara Baroni

Purpose by Geoff Stillwell

IF (we are), ELSE IF (we are not) by Steve Pool

IF (we are), ELSE IF (we are not) by Steve Pool

Forever Isn’t Something You Should Ever Want To Be by Cheryl Pearce

The Tooth Fairy by Toby Norways

The Tooth Fairy by Toby Norways

Treasure by Susan Bodnar

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The Singularity50 Book Has A Website

Quick update, we now have a website for The Singularity50. The stories are still, as you know, being read, re-read and judged. But do check out the site and if you would like to write a blog about your experiences and story for The Singularity, drop me a line with it and we will get it published on the site